High Speed Internet is Now Available For Your Boat. 📶

BoatLink cutting-edge wireless modems bring a 5G connection throughout all of Long Island Sound.

With BoatLink you can take the boat out AND take that meeting

Stay Connected While You Disconnect.

Sail beyond the marina with seamless connectivity, bringing the convenience of shore-based internet to your maritime adventures. BoatLink is your premier provider of high-speed internet access for the marine community. With BoatLink, stay connected to weather updates, navigation charts, and emergency services while enjoying lightning-fast streaming, video calls, and more.

Our robust and reliable high-speed network ensures smooth sailing for both leisure and business boaters, making your on-water experiences more enjoyable and secure.

Serving All of Long Island Sound

That’s right, BoatLink provides top-notch high-speed internet connectivity. No need to rely on dockside connections or teathering. With BoatLink, you’ll have lightning-fast internet at dock and all over Long Island Sound!

Our Technology

By offering fast internet access, multiple connection options, and advanced security features, BoatLink wireless technology is an excellent solution for boat owners who want to stay connected while enjoying their time on the water.

Fast Internet Access

BoatLink offers high-speed 5G and 4G LTE connectivity, providing fast and reliable internet access even while you’re out at sea.

Connection Options

With dual-band Wi-Fi 6 support, BoatLink accommodates up to 32 connected devices, ensuring seamless connectivity for everyone. Additionally, a wired Ethernet LAN port is available.

Easy Installation

BoatLink is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple installation process that allows a quick set up so that you can easily start using the system.

Enterprise-grade Security

BoatLink prioritizes the security of your data and offers enterprise-grade security features to protect your network from potential threats.

Advanced RF and Antenna

BoatLink’s advanced RF and antenna design ensures optimal signal strength and coverage, providing a strong and stable connection even in challenging conditions.